Village Voice

Woman on Fire is "just what a great social awareness doc should be — equal parts heartwarming and infuriating." 


"Woman on Fire is a moving portrait of a New Yorker who’s never been afraid to run where she needs to go, regardless of the dangers that might be waiting for her on the other side." 


Woman on Fire's subject Brooke Guinan is, "a superhero for the 21st century."

New York Times

Woman on Fire is part of "a rich season of documentaries" that "take full advantage of the genre’s possibilities."

Huffington Post

"Two generations of firefighters, a father and trans daughter, prove love can trump hate."


"Brooke Guinan allows cameras to document her transition, with all its ups and downs, as the FDNY's first and only trans firefighter."

Los Angeles Times

Woman on Fire is one of "Monday's TV highlights".

Toronto Film Scene

Woman on Fire is "essential festival viewing". Brooke Guinan is "a smart, funny, and determined role model".


Woman on Fire is " focused on what it’s been like [for Brooke] to thrive as New York City’s first openly transgender woman in the FDNY, a profession dominated by men."

The Film Stage

Woman on Fire is "an enlightened document of what the United States can be in the twenty-first century."

spoiled NYC

"With the current state of politics...[Woman on Fire] could be the most important film of the year."..."Brooke is in every sense of the word a hero."

Human Rights Campaign

“It was poignant. It was beautiful. It really demonstrated, Brooke, the barriers you’ve broken, and also, as a transgender person, just seeing another transgender person demonstrate our full humanity, it was just so wonderful to see and so thoughtfully done."


Woman on Fire is "inspiring", a film "to watch out for".

OUT Magazine

Read Brooke's op-ed, "How X-Men Taught This NYC Firefighter to Embrace her Transness."

The Gender Rebels

Woman on Fire is "funny, heartfelt, and moving".

Eye for Film 

Woman on Fire is a “remarkable portrait of a third-generation New York City firefighter”. 

Hammer to Nail

"One of the many wonderful things about this movie is how it portrays the way that love can (and always should) overcome prejudice."


Woman on Fire "adds up to something more than a profile of a singular heroic person; it’s the story of a family that overcomes its initial anxieties to accept one of its own." 

Pittsburgh City Paper

Woman on Fire is a “big-hearted” and “engaging” film about ““a pioneer for equal rights and respect." It is “an affirming go-girl story”.

Nonfiction Film

"Of all the documentaries premiering at this year's DOC NYC festival, none may be closer to New Yorkers' hearts than Woman on Fire.” 

He Said Magazine

"Fascinating, triumphant and heartbreaking in often very unique ways, this must-see film will open your eyes. And warm your heart."

Curve Magazine

Woman on Fire is "wonderful", "unique and intimate", and "an in-depth look at the polarized political and social forces in America today."

Julie Sokolow (Director) and Brooke Guinan (Subject) speak at DOC NYC for the world premiere of Woman on Fire.

Julie Sokolow (Director) and Brooke Guinan (Subject) speak at DOC NYC for the world premiere of Woman on Fire.